Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt Review

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Continually advancing fitness trends have resulted in the production and use of a variety of gears. With such booming trends, and increased fitness interests within the people, lifting belts have made the cutoff for popular fitness training products. 

Before jumping to buy a lifting belt, one must know what purpose it serves and how it makes one’s fitness training experience better and more comfortable.

What Is A Lifting Belt?

As the name itself suggests, lifting belts are a form of extra support for weightlifters, for well, when they lift heavy weights.

The extra support is also the prime reason for investing in a good lifting belt if one is a keen fitness buff. The extra support provided by the belt reduces the chances of hyperextension of the lower back and allows you to create better intra-abdominal pressure.

What Are Lifting Belts Made Of?

Both materials have their advantages, however, we will focus on the nylon ones for the moment.

Nylon belts are a common option to choose when it comes to lifting belts. Nylon belts, though not as sturdy as leather belts, are more comfortable. Because the nylon material is not so tough, the belts are more flexible and simultaneously offer increased comfort for weightlifters. 

The nylon lifting belts are also the more affordable of the options, therefore you can start off with one of these to get acquainted with the product without spending too much.

Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt

All this information is indeed “need to know” material when buying a lifting belt. The market is full of options but we’ll talk about a special product that stands out, possibly one of the best options available when it comes to nylon belts.

Made in the USA, this lifting belt was co-designed by Rogue Fitness and athlete Matt Fraser. The athlete himself used this belt in five of his CrossFit championships. This new design has been made to provide optimal support enabling weightlifters to go further with their training and lift heavier weights.

rogue usa nylon lifting belt

Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt Specs

To begin with, lifters will get quite a stylish-looking belt for their workout routines. Athlete Matt Fraser designed the belt to be 5″ wide on the back and 4″ at the front. One might question why that is, so, the wider width at the back offers increased support for the lumbar, and makes it easier to breath when in a bottom position of a squat or deadlift. Another great thing about this lifting belt is that it has been made to be easy to use. The belt is made of nylon and so it requires no break-in. The belt has a hook and loop closure system with Velcro which makes it very easy to put on. The fold-over portion makes it very easy to tighten or loosen the belt and makes it so useful, or as we should say weightlifter friendly. As we said earlier that one would get quite a stylish-looking weightlifting belt, the Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt comes in five different color options. Weightlifters can choose any from the black, camo, pink, gray & red, and gray & blue color options. The nylon belt comprises of 0.25″ thick foam frame ripstop exterior with antimicrobial inner smooth buckle and roller.

Pros And Cons Of The Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt

The main reason to wear a lifting belt would be if it helps to lift more weight. To answer this, lifting belts definitely provide athletes with greater support and make heavy lifting comparatively comfortable. With this increased support and comfort, it is quite possible to lift heavier amounts of weight than one would do without a lifting belt.

Thanks to the materials and the way it was designed, the Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt offers a great opportunity for lifters to step their game up in the gym by lifting more weight and gaining confidence.

A common con to wearing any lifting belt is that it makes it difficult to breathe as compared to weightlifting without a belt especially on heavy repetition sets. Also, because the belt is made of nylon, the support won’t reach the level of a powerlifting leather belt.

Another great thing about this Rogue USA lifting belt is that it fits perfectly and is true to size as shown on the measuring chart. The lifting belt has an amazing grip and offers great support in the core section for CrossFit and weightlifting.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt sells at a price of $45, which is an average price for high-quality nylon belts.

Overall, given that it is made of nylon, the belt provides enough support and has a lot of great features that make it stand out, so we can say that it is well-priced.

Final Thoughts

Lifting belts are a popular trend in the fitness industry. With fitness trainers striving to reach further in their endeavors, markets are striving to develop products that further aid the process. The Rogue USA Nylon Lifting Belt provides athletes with better support which helps them in heavier lifting. The product is comfortable and stylish and comes at an affordable price. The belt is designed by CrossFit Champ Matt Fraser and, given the materials, brand, and features, we see it as a good option for those looking for a nylon product.