ritfit 6-inch nylon lifting belt review

RitFit 6-inch Nylon Lifting Belt Review

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Unlike the most popular brands in the industry, RitFit is a relatively new company, founded in 2014 in NYC. Fitness equipment can get quite expensive, which is why the RitFit team focuses on providing affordable products, from lifting accessories to all the equipment needed to build a budget-friendly home gym. When it comes to lifting belts, the brand doesn’t have many products. In addition to the one we’re talking about today, the 6-inch Nylon Belt, you’ll find just a few more. Don’t let this make you think that RitFit belts go unnoticed. The 6-inch Nylon Belt is proof that the brand name is not the only thing that matters as long as the quality is there. Right now, it’s one of the most popular belts on Amazon, with over 5,000 reviews. The interesting facts don’t stop here. This is a belt that costs less than $25 and most of the reviews are positive. It is enough for us to do a complete review so that we can find out what this belt is capable of and whether it’s the great product on a shoestring budget that everyone is talking about.


Because the goal of the brand was to create an ergonomic belt, the end result was a very comfortable and versatile product.

Nylon is a light and flexible material, so your mobility while wearing the belt will not be affected too much, which makes it excellent for Olympic lifts and functional training.

In addition to being easy to use, Velcro closure has a big advantage. While buckle belts have predefined holes, Velcro closures allow you to adjust the tightness of the belt as much as you need.

RitFit has sold this belt in different colors over time, but they are purchased fairly quickly, so if you want a more special print and can’t find anything available at the moment, you can wait a few days to see if any appear. If not, the classic black is always there as an option.

How The Belt Was Made

Let’s start with the shape of the belt. Like most nylon products, it has a contoured design, which means that the width decreases towards the front, measuring 6 inches at the back.

The nylon used seems high-quality, although the belt is relatively cheap. Inside, we can find a waterproof foam core that feels very comfortable.

The edges are made of softer nylon to prevent the belt from being scratchy.

Who Is This Belt For?

We recommend the RitFit 6-inch Nylon Belt for those who want to buy their first belt, for two simple reasons. First of all, it’s affordable. If you’re a person who hasn’t owned a belt before, you can start with an affordable product and decide as time goes on if you need a more expensive belt. Secondly, nylon is an excellent material for a first belt, because it is light and you will be able to learn how to use one without the discomfort that stiff leather products could cause. Intermediate or advanced lifters looking for a comfortable belt are the second category of people who would enjoy this product because the belt is very comfortable, but manages to provide enough support for people with experience in the gym. We’ve already made a list of belts for big guys, but this one has been appreciated for how well it fits people with bigger stomachs, so consider this belt if you can’t find one your size

Price And Quality

The first thing we want to mention here is that although the belt does not look high-quality at first glance, this is not really true. We’ve seen a lot of low-quality nylon products, and the RitFit 6-inch Nylon belt doesn’t fall into this category.

As we mention in the Harbinger Padded Belt Review, you can’t expect cheaper belts to last as long as high-end products that would cost you more than $100, but this does not mean that they are of low quality.

At this price, there are not many belts on the market that can compete with it. Moreover, RitFit offers a lifetime warranty, but we could not find information about the conditions under which it applies, so we recommend that you contact the brand for further clarification.

Pros And Cons


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Great as a first belt


  • Not as supportive as thick leather belts

Final Thoughts

One of the most affordable products we have ever reviewed, the RitFit 6-inch Nylon Belt has managed to impress us with its unexpected quality for its price. We came to the conclusion that it would be ideal as a first belt, but intermediate and advanced athletes can definitely take advantage of it as long as they prefer comfort instead of top support. Although the support provided is decent, we can say that it’s the downside of this belt, because there are a lot of products on the market that do a better job when it comes to this.