Inzer Forever Belt Review

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In this Inzer Forever Belt Review, we will talk about its main characteristics, the construction, pros, and cons to see if the belt is worth buying or not. First of all, it can be purchased in 2 different options:

  • 10mm thick
  • 13mm thick

For the majority of people, a 10mm belt is more than enough for day-to-day use, especially if the belt is made of high-quality materials, therefore this review is focused on the 10mm version, even though most of the information applies for the thicker version too.

Inzer Advance Designs

Inzer Advance Designs provides a large variety of products, especially for powerlifting, like squat suits, deadlift suits, power briefs, wraps, sleeves, belts, and more, most of them approved by powerlifting federations including IPF.

The 10mm Forever Belt is one of their most appreciated products, with a lot of positive feedback during the years, known for its long lifespan and high-quality materials.

Main Characteristics

The main features of the 10mm Inzer Forever Belt are:

  • the 10mm version conforms to your body shape sooner and is considered by some to be more comfortable
  • easy to tighten, due to the lever locking system
  • can be adjusted up to three inches tighter than with a standard buckle
  • four rows of lock-stitched, corrosive resistant, hi-density nylon
  • the main material used is high-quality leather
  • finished with fine suede providing a non-slip surface
  • competition legal
  • does not turn overly soft over time
  • the edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded, because rounding the edges reduces the effective width

The Construction of the Inzer Forever Belt

One of the differences between the Inzer Forever Belt and other leather belts is the one-piece construction of the leather, instead of several pieces glued together as some other companies do. This will extend its lifespan and will prevent the belt from turning overly soft over time. The suede provides a soft, non-slip surface, coming in a variety of colors to choose from. The lever is made of a high-quality piece of metal that attaches to the belt with 2 screws on the underside. A solid lever is a crucial factor when it comes to buying this type of belt because if the lever is not a high-quality one it can brake during a lift, which can lead to injuries.

Inzer Forever Belt - Pros and Cons


  • The quality of the leather used is top-notch
  • The lever is solid and it will not let you down when you need it the most
  • The belt looks really good and you can choose from a lot of colors
  • The lever flicks are really good
  • Due to the fact that it has a lever, you can unlatch the belt and wear it between sets and just latch it when you are ready
  • Due to its high-quality materials, it will last a lot


  • The price of the belt can be an issue, although it worth the money
  • The belt can be pretty stiff in the first days of use, due to the thick leather used


Overall, I think that it is totally worth investing the money into a quality belt, and for its price, the Inzer Forever Belt is one of the best options you have due to the high-quality materials used, the safety provided by the solid lever, and the long lifespan. Purchasing a thick leather lifting belt can be an important step in your journey, and it will definitely help you to move forward to your goals.

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