6 Best Powerlifting Belts On Categories

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If you plan to participate in a powerlifting competition in the future, or you just like to lift heavy weights, then purchasing an adequate lifting belt is an obvious step. By owning a solid belt you will be able to progress faster while being safer and keeping a low injury risk.

You probably know that there are a ton of lifting belts on the market, therefore it’s not an easy choice to make when you want to buy one if you don’t know what you look for exactly. 

The perfect choice probably does not exist, because all of them have advantages and disadvantages, yet if you manage to understand what could work the best for you, it’s easier to pick a product that most likely will be suitable for you. 

To help you with this process, this list contains six powerlifting belts from different categories, so most of the possibilities are covered.

How To Be Sure That A Belt Can Be Used In Competitions?

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) is an international governing for powerlifting that has rules regarding the equipment, therefore if you want to be 100% sure that the belt you want to buy is IPF approved, you can read their list of all the approved brands. 

IPF and USAPL have the same regulations, therefore any product approved by IPF can also be used in USAPL competitions.

There are also rules regarding the belt’s features, including:

  • Maximum 13mm thick
  • Maximum 10mm wide
  • Fastening System – Single-Prong, Double-Prong, and Lever

There are more details about the specifications, for example regarding the material, which can be leather, vinyl, or any non-stretchable material. Here you can read the full IPF & USAPL Technical Specification for belts.

When it comes to USPA, there is also a list of approved manufacturers.

Why Do You Need A Lifting Belt?

A belt acts as a hard surface around your body which basically helps the abdominal muscles and lower back do their job. Lifting belts can also prevent hyperextension of the lower back and allow you to create more intra-abdominal pressure. Besides the obvious physical benefits, it can play a huge role in the mental game, which is really important as well. It can act as a reminder to get ready and stay tight, and it can offer you extra safety and motivation. If you are not sure how you can fully take advantage of using one, you can read this article regarding how to use a lifting belt.

Iron Bull Strength 10mm Double-Prong – Best Looking

The first thing to mention about this belt is that it can not be used in powerlifting competitions because Iron Bull Strength is not specified in any list of approved gear. If you do not plan to participate in a powerlifting competition anytime soon, this should not be a problem at all. Besides that, the belt is great for day-to-day use in the gym due to its sturdiness and size. It’s the type of belt that will last a lot and will not let you down.

In terms of looks, the belt stands out due to the eye-catching colors, which look really good in combination with the black buckle and edges.

Main Characteristics

  • 4-inch wide
  • 10mm thick
  • double-prong buckle
  • double stitching
  • 10 rows of holes


  • great for day-to-day heavy training
  • well-known brand
  • well-priced
  • looks amazing


  • can not be used in powerlifting competitions

ProFitness 5mm Double-Prong Leather – The Most Popular

This belt can not be used in any competitions, mainly because it only has a thickness of 5mm. This does not make it a poor choice, because it’s great for day-to-day heavy training in the gym. This is probably one of the most popular belts on Amazon, with over 2000 reviews, and an average rating of 5 stars. The construction makes it a little bit softer and more comfortable to use while providing great support for heavy lifts.

Main Characteristics

  • 4-inch wide
  • double-prong buckle
  • top quality-stitching
  • 5mm thick


  • no break-in time due to the thickness
  • an affordable option
  • good looking & simple design
  • a lot of positive feedback from buyers
  • great for heavy gym training



  • can not be used in powerlifting competitions
  • the thickness may not be enough for some individuals

Stoic 10mm Thick Single Prong - Best IPF Approved On A Budget

For a considerably lower price compared to other IPF approved belts, Stoic manages to incorporate the same features of a top-quality product into this 4-inch wide leather belt. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the whole purpose was to create a really supportive belt because it has a non-tapered front and the suede is only 1.2mm thick.

The 10mm thickness of the vegetable-tanned full-grain leather ensures top-notch support, and its quality is highlighted by the un-dyed edges. The seamless buckle holds the belt in place really well, and the strong nylon stitching confirms the quality.

Main Characteristics

  • 4-inch wide
  • made of full-grain leather
  • 10mm thick
  • non-tapered front
  • un-dyed edges
  • only 1.2mm of suede
  • strong nylon stitching



  • cheaper than other IPF approved belts
  • quality craftmanship
  • offers top-notch support
  • really durable
  • vegetable-tanned leather
  • perfect for powerlifting training


  • hard to carry around in the gym bag due to the stiffness

Inzer 10mm Forever – Best Lever

If you prefer a lever belt over a single-prong or a double-prong, then you have to take into consideration this amazing belt by Inzer Advance Designs. With solid construction and stitching, this belt is a top-quality product that will serve you well and will last a lifetime.

The main advantage of a lever belt is that it’s really easy to put on and take off. You can also leave it on yourself between sets, and just latch it when you are ready to go. It can be a little harder to adjust because you need a screwdriver to make it fit, but then it will be flawless to use it. This belt’s also IPF approved, therefore you have no problems in using this in competitions.

Main Characteristics

  • 10mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • solid lever
  • finished with fine suede
  • genuine leather
  • lifetime warranty


  • top-quality materials
  • the lever will not let you down when you need it the most
  • IPF approved
  • does not turn soft over time
  • the edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded


  • the price can be a little high
  • the belt can be pretty stiff in the first days

Rogue 13mm - Best Single-Prong

This belt takes it to the next level due to its 13mm thickness, which is usually used by serious powerlifters who lift tremendous amounts of weights.

I would recommend that you go with this kind of belt if you already own a 10mm one and you feel like it’s not enough for you because if you choose to buy a belt with this thickness as your first one you will probably feel it really stiff and heavy.

This handcrafted belt it’s made of genuine leather, which is a result of a complex vegetable tanning process. Because of the 13mm thickness and premium materials, this is a top-quality belt that will provide insane support in the gym and in competitions.

Main Characteristics

  • 13+/-1mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • genuine leather achieved by a vegetable-tanning process
  • single-prong buckle
  • made in the USA
  • IPF approved


  • thick enough for every kind of activity
  • prestigious brand in the industry
  • suede on the inside so it provides a firm grip
  • easy to tighten
  • extremely supportive


  • the 13+/1mm thickness could be too much for day-to-day use if you do not plan to compete at all
  • pretty expensive

Rogue 3-inch Ohio Double-Prong - Best For Women & Short Torso Individuals

The smaller version of the regular Ohio belt is a great pick for individuals with a smaller torso and females because it manages to keep all the main features of the normal version while having one inch less in width. 

The premium materials and the leather achieved by a complex vegetable-tanning process will ensure that the belt provides top-level support while being a little more comfortable than the 13mm version. On top of that, it can be used in competitions as well because is approved by IPF.

Main Characteristics

  • 10+/-1mm thick
  • 3-inch wide
  • double-prong buckle
  • made in the USA
  • IPF approved
  • water-resistant genuine leather


  • perfect fit for individuals with short torso and females
  • the width allows you to maintain a better arch when benching
  • handcrafted
  • easy to break-in
  • top-level support


  • not the cheapest
  • the width can be an issue for bigger individuals

6 Best Powerlifting Belts – Conclusion

In short, picking a powerlifting belt can be tricky sometimes, therefore it’s better to have all the details you need to make the right choice. In the end, it all comes to personal preferences, but having a general idea about the products can not be a bad thing.

*Note: Regarding the width, in the IPF document you can see that the maximum size allowed is 10 cm, but you will find plenty of 4-inch (10.16 cm) belts on their list, therefore I’m not completely sure about the measurements requirement.