5 Best Lifting Belts For Big Guys

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Some extra weight and a bigger stomach than average individuals will not affect how a lifting belt works, but there are some things to keep in mind when you want to buy one and you are in this situation. 

The material, fastening system, width, and thickness may affect how a belt feels, especially if you are a bit oversized, therefore here are 5 best lifting belts for big guys to choose from.

The Material

For this specific situation, the best option is to go with a leather belt. The reason behind this is the superior support a leather belt offers in comparison to other materials like nylon. 

When you weight more, the level of support a belt can provide should be a little bigger, therefore materials like nylon are not the most optimal pick because their main quality is comfort, but in order to be achieved, the stiffness has to suffer.

The Thickness & Width

In this case, the best choice to make is probably a 10mm belt. Those kinds of belts are the most common, and in my opinion, they are the suitable for most lifters, no matter the weight. This is because a 10mm belt is the most balanced, being thick enough to hold a lot of weight, yet being more comfortable and less stiff than a 13mm one.

The second type of belt I recommend is the 13mm thick if you feel like a 10mm is not enough for you or you lift huge amounts of weights. 

Those belts are more common in a powerlifting competition but this doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional powerlifter to wear one. 

If you feel like it’s going to benefit you, it’s completely fine to go with it, but keep in mind that the comfort has to suffer and it’s going to feel stiffer than a 10mm version. The main advantage over a 10mm belt is the increased support it provides.

The proper width range is 4 to 5 inches, which is a good thing because most of the belts on the market are in this range. If I would have to be more specific I would choose the 4-inch wide option, because I believe it’s more than enough for everybody. If you are not sure about this, you can go with a 5-inch wide belt without any worries.

The Fastening System

Even though I consider that single-prong, double-prong, and lever belts are all great and it’s a personal preference, for big guys I would go with a lever system. The simple explanation is that lever belts are the easiest to take off and put on after you adjust them correctly. 

Also, a lever belt will allow you to latch it without having to suck in your stomach like you have to do when you use a single-prong or a double-prong one, which can be difficult and annoying to do when you have a some extra weight.

In case you don’t want to go with this type of belt for whatever reason, the easiest way to put on other types of belts is by using a rack. 

This can be done by holding the belt on a hard surface with one of your hands and then dragging back in order to tighten it. You can watch a demonstration of this technique in this video.

Inzer Forever 13mm – Best Lever

In case you decide to go with a 13mm version and you want a lever fastening system, then there is probably a no better choice than the 13mm Inzer Forever. The one-piece construction assures than the support is top-level, and the solid metal lever will not let you down. This belt will be with you for a long period of time, having a lifetime warranty and will not turn soft over time like others tend to do.  The belt’s edges are finished with refinement but not rounded because rounding the edges reduces the effective width. This allows the belt to have the same width everywhere, making it perfect for heavy lifts.

Main Characteristics

  • 13mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • made of genuine leather
  • finished with fine suede to provide a non-slip surface
  • one-piece construction


  • premium materials
  • does not turn soft over time
  • stays firmly supportive
  • can be used in competitions (IPF approved)
  • easy to put on and take off
  • solid lever


  • you pay for the quality, the belt is pretty expensive

RAD 10mm Lever – Best On A Budget

A premium belt from a popular brand can be pretty expensive but this does not mean that there are no cheaper alternatives on the market. This RAD 10mm lever belt has all the qualities to be a good choice for a big guy, yet it’s considerably cheaper than the competitors. When it comes to lever belts, you have to be careful and not get greedy, because you can go even lower with the price, but obviously the quality of the materials is decreased and you don’t want your lever to brake during a lift.

Main Characteristics

  • 10mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • double stitching
  • lifetime warranty


  • a cheaper alternative
  • optimal for powerlifting
  • unique design
  • rounded edges
  • quick and easy use


  • the materials are not top-level

FlexzFitness 10mm Leather Lever Belt – Best Alternative for Inzer

If the price of the Inzer Forever belt scares you, but you still want a product with a similar quality, then this FlexzFitness Leather Belt can be the answer. The biggest difference is the thickness, which for this belt is 10mm, and also the construction. Considering that it’s half of the price of the Inzer Forever, this is still a great belt that will not disappoint you.

Main Characteristics

  • 10mm thick
  • heavy-duty stitching
  • made of artificial leather
  • metal buckle


  • USAPL Compliant
  • half of the price of the Inzer Forever
  • long lifespan
  • easy to break-in


  • pretty stiff in the first days

Rogue 13mm – Best Single-Prong

In case you want a single-prong, thick, and premium belt, the Rogue 13mm is the first option that should cross your mind. Made by leather achieved by a complex vegetable-tanning process and other top-quality materials, along with its 13mm thickness, this belt will have no problems handling huge amounts of weights. Most of the belt from Rogue Fitness, including this one, are IPF approved, in case you think about competing in the future.

Main Characteristics

  • 13+/-1mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • single-prong buckle
  • IPF approved
  • made in the USA


  • top-level support due to the thickness and materials
  • thick enough to handle any amounts of weights
  • suede on the inside
  • prestigious brand in the industry


  • could be hard to tighten for big guys because of the single-prong fastening system
  • the premium materials make the belt pretty expensive

Rogue Ohio 10mm – Thinner Alternative For The 13mm Version

As I mentioned before, a 10mm thick belt should cover almost everyone’s needs, therefore in case you don’t feel like you need the thickest kind of belt on the market, you can go with the 10mm Ohio Belt. It’s very similar to the previous one, having the same leather and top-quality materials, and it’s able to provide top-notch support even being a little bit thinner.

Main Characteristics

  • 10+/-1mm thick
  • 4-inch wide
  • single-prong
  • made in the USA
  • water-resistant genuine leather
  • solid stitching


  • premium materials
  • top-level support
  • more comfortable than the 13mm version
  • IPF approved
  • it conforms to your body shape really well
  • easy to break-in due to the vegetable tanning process of the leather


  • the price is pretty high
  • could be hard to tighten for big guys because of the single-prong fastening system

5 Best Lifting Belts For Big Guys – Conclusion

Keeping in mind the details above will definitely help you find the best product for your needs, or you can just go with one of the recommended products if you feel like it’s a good pick for you. 

Regardless of the body weight or the amount of weight you can lift, a lifting belt is a powerful tool to use in order to be safer and lift more weight over time, thus you have to make sure you know what type of belt is more suitable for you in order to get the most out of it.