7 best deadlift shoes

7 Best Deadlift Shoes On The Market – Buyers Guide (2021)

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It’s no secret that deadlifts are one of the most well-rounded exercises out there, offering some of the most bang-for-your-back with an impressive amount of muscle recruitment from just about everything in your posterior chain. 

With this knowledge becoming more mainstream, and massive deadlift numbers being thrown around social media for all to see, it’s no surprise that deadlifts are becoming one of the most commonly utilized movements in any fitness regime.

However, you might not realize that there is more to deadlifting than just walking into a gym, warming up, and picking up a barbell. 

Did you know that what you decide to put on your feet can have a huge impact on both your comfort and your ability? If you’re serious about improving your overall deadlift power and ability, then it’s probably time to start looking into finding the right shoes for you.

Sabo Deadlift Shoes

Sabo deadlift shoes are at the top of the market for a reason. They are specifically branded as deadlift shoes and are made from fabric and synthetic leather to give your feet the breathing room they deserve when you dig them in for that big lift. They are completely flat on the bottom but offer a sturdy base to plant your feet securely so you can generate as much power as possible with them. They also come up to just above your ankle with a velcro strap to tighten the shoe in place and make sure it doesn’t move anywhere while you do your reps. It can be tightened to your specific foot structure, making them the perfect one-size-fits-all choice.


  • Side-supported outsole to allow spreading of the floor without rolling inwards
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for a perfect fit


  • The collar can be scratchy until broken in

  • They aren’t the most versatile shoes for other activities if you have limited mobility in your ankles

Deadlift Slippers

Another type of shoe that has been specifically designed with deadlifts in mind. These are lightweight, easy to slip on and come with a grippy rubber sole to help with spreading the floor. Because the material of the shoe doesn’t climb up to the ankles like the Sabo, the deadlift slippers offer more mobility options, allowing for a greater range of motion without limitation in the slipper.


  • Easy to slip on and get going
  • The grippy rubber sole makes spreading the floor easy


  • The narrow sole can lead to rolling your foot over when you need them firmly planted
  • They aren’t the most versatile shoes for other activities

Adidas Men's Varner Wrestling Shoe

You would have thought that wrestling shoes would make for a good pair of deadlifting shoes? Well, they do. They might have been designed for a different sport entirely, but the overall layout and structure of a wrestling shoe aren’t all that different from the more specifically designed Sabo shoes. They have a firm and grippy rubber sole and are made from light and airy fabric to help keep the air going to your feet. There’s also plenty of ankle coverage and the laces allow you to tighten them to exactly the fit you need. Just like the Sabo, the Adidas wrestling shoes offer plenty of security for the foot and stop you from rolling when you least expect it.


  • The grippy rubber sole designed to keep wrestlers firmly planted is perfect for deadlifting heavier weights
  • They come up high on the ankles, allowing for extra support


  • They can get torn if you’re not careful with them
  • They’re only designed for indoor use and shouldn’t be worn all the time

LiftingLarge Deadlift Slippers

Another pair of slippers for our list then. These LiftingLarge deadlift slippers are designed to keep you as close to the floor as possible when you begin your pull. They are approved for competition and are growing in popularity. They are made of a light fabric that helps keep your foot free of sweat. They also come with two straps, one across the midfoot and one at the top of the foot. Typical deadlift slippers don’t offer this kind of support, so this is definitely a bonus with the LiftingLarge slippers.


  • Two straps to secure the foot means plenty of added support in the lift
  • They are lightweight and easy to put on


  • Again, not the most sturdy of bases and can have your foot rollover if you’re not careful
  • They may not be the most appealing on the eye if that matters to you

ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS comes in with a brilliant pair of wrestling shoes to add a bit of competition to the mix. They are made from a 100% synthetic material and come with a grippy rubber sole to make spreading your feet much easier for both conventional and sumo deadlifting. They also have mesh uppers on the top of the shoe, allowing for breathability like no other shoe on this list.


  • Plenty of ankle support from the design of the shoes and laces can be tightened to personal preference
  • The breathability of the shoe is unrivaled


  • Not being specific to deadlifts has its downsides. The rubber sole isn’t wide at all and can easily lead to rolling the foot

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneaker

These famous and popular canvas shoes have been seen more in the mainstream today than most other shoes on the list. Most people already have a pair of Converse and they offer a very firm base to deadlift from, while also keeping your foot flat and close to the floor when you begin the lift.


  • Feet are kept close to the floor and the base is flat
  • The rubber soles have plenty of grip on them


  • They’re not designed for lifting (or even training) and can be torn or broken if you’re not careful.

ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

One final shoe to add to the list, and one final entry from ASICS is yet another wrestling shoe (which shows just how well wrestling shoes can perform in the deadlift). Again, they are made from 100% textile and synthetic material and offer plenty of breathability with the mesh built into the top of the shoe.


  • They come with a grippy rubber sole that works well to keep you planted
  • There is a pocket specifically designed to tuck your laces in and keep them out the way


  • Foot rolling can be an issue here if you’re not careful with your placement due to the narrow soles

Final Thoughts

Choosing a good pair of deadlift shoes is essential if you want to make the most of your training sessions.

There are a lot of options on the market, however, a few pairs stand out due to their design and quality. The type of shoes comes down to personal preference because each model comes with pros and cons.