The Lifting Belt Digs Into Your Ribs – What is the best solution?

For various reasons, a lifting belt might be uncomfortable to wear, creating unpleasant situations for the fitness enthusiasts, who often choose to completely give up on it for this reason and miss the opportunity to take their workouts to the next level. This problem appears most of the time when the belt is made of leather, […]

why wear a lifting belt

Why Wear a Lifting Belt when Benching?

The Bench Press is probably one of the most popular exercises performed in a gym, yet one of the most controversial. One of the most asked questions when it comes to this topic is “Why wear a lifting belt when benching?”.  Proper use of a lifting belt can increase your performance and prevent injuries during hard […]

How to Use a Dip Belt

Bodyweight exercises are very effective and performing them will help you build a base of muscle mass and strength. However, at some point, these exercises can get too easy, so the additional weight will be needed to make them harder. This is the time when accessories as dip belt are really useful because you can easily […]