How Much Does A Lifting Belt Cost?

“How much does a lifting belt cost?” That’s probably one of the first questions that cross your mind when you finally start thinking about implementing one in your training. Obviously, the price of a lifting belt is determined by several factors such as brand, quality, fastening system, thickness, and others.  When you decide to purchase a […]

10mm vs 13mm Belt – Which Is Best For You?

10mm and 13mm leather belts are often used by amateurs and professionals powerlifters in competitions and training, but an average person can also, without a doubt, take advantage of these kinds of belts in day-to-day training in the gym, especially if the routine contains compound movements. It doesn’t really matter if you are a powerlifter […]

How To Break In A Lifting Belt – 5 Easy Methods

Powerlifting belts are great to have in your gym bag if your routine includes heavy compound movements, but in order to get to the point where you can use the belt at its full potential and without any discomfort, you have a small challenge in front of you. We are obviously talking about breaking in […]