How Much Does A Lifting Belt Cost?

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“How much does a lifting belt cost?” That’s probably one of the first questions that cross your mind when you finally start thinking about implementing one in your training. Obviously, the price of a lifting belt is determined by several factors such as brand, quality, fastening system, thickness, and others. 

When you decide to purchase a belt, it’s really important to know what to look for, so you don’t end up with one that’s not suitable for your training style when it comes to thickness, width, or fastening system.

Today we are going to take a look at the most popular lifting belts on Amazon to find out different aspects of them, but we will also try to answer the most common questions about the price of lifting belts. 

By doing this, we hope that you will be able to decide how much it’s worth spending on a belt, given your experience in the gym.

Best Sellers

For the first part of the article, we went on Amazon to find out which are the most popular belts at the moment. The Best Sellers are updated hourly, but for now, it seems that the first ten lifting belts are divided equally when it comes to material, five made of leather and five with a nylon fabric.

As for the closure system, there are five with Velcro, four with buckle, and only one with a lever. We also calculated the average price of the top ten best sellers and the number obtained was a few cents below $28, taking into account that the size could change the price of several products. Surprisingly, the price did not exceed even $30.

On the other hand, one of the reasons why the average price is quite low is because not everyone is willing to spend a good amount of money on high-end products, therefore it’s unlikely to see one of these belts among best sellers. 

Expensive belts are usually bought by people with some experience in lifting weights, or by individuals who made unlucky purchases and ended up with broken products after a short period of time.

how much does a lifting belt cost

How Expensive Can A Belt Be?

Speaking of high-end products, it seems like it’s their time to shine. Generally seen as a fairly affordable lifting accessory, a belt can cost more than most of us thought. For example, the price of the most expensive belt on Amazon is $175.00. Yes, you read that correctly. There are also plenty of products that are listed at $100 or more. What makes a belt so expensive?

First of all, the brand. As in any other area in the world, the brand’s reputation and trust built over the years affect the price. All of those expensive belts seem to be made of genuine leather, which is the second contributing factor to the price. 

Most cheaper products are made of artificial leather, but as the price goes up, things change a bit. The genuine leather is more or less the signature of expensive lifting belts. As most expensive belts are made primarily for powerlifting, the brand’s permission to use its products in competitions also contributes to the price.

Is it worth investing in such a belt? Well, it depends on where you situate in your lifting journey. As a beginner, it wouldn’t be a smart choice, because you will not be able to take full advantage of it. 

On the other hand, if you already have a background in lifting weights, you enjoy strength training and intend to participate in powerlifting competitions, it may be worth buying an expensive belt.

What Is The Best Price Range?

Specifically, what’s the price range that allows you to get a quality belt at a reasonable price? It depends on the type of belt, but in general, a price between $15 and $50 should be enough to get what you want. $50 is still a reasonable price to pay, especially if you are sure you will use your belt often enough. 

Setting a minimum price of $15 doesn’t mean you can not find cheaper products that are still good, but the chance of finding a low-quality belt is higher.

Another option to consider could be buying a second-hand belt. There are things you should pay attention to though. It is important to know how the first owner of the belt took care of it, and for how long it was used, therefore the best situation would be to buy it from someone you know. 

Another aspect is the brand and model of the belt. Do a little research and read some reviews to get a good idea about the durability of the belt. There are products on the market that can last for years without any problems. 

If a leather belt caught your eyes but it seems to need some attention, a leather conditioner could change the aspect of an old-looking belt and prevent it from degrading.  A cool aspect is that you don’t need to break-in a second-hand thick leather belt, as it was already been worn for a while.

Single-Buckle vs Double-Buckle vs Lever vs Velcro

How much does the closure system influence the price? Which type is the most expensive? But the cheapest?

If we are talking about the cheapest closure system, it seems that Velcro wins. This is probably due to the fact that the belts with Velcro closure are made of nylon, which facilitates the manufacturing process. The other three that remain are quite difficult to compare. 

To put things in a better perspective, we will take the Inzer Advance Designs brand as an example. The brand sells its well-known Inzer Forever Belt with all three fastening systems. The belts are exactly the same thickness and width. Under these conditions, the only feature responsible for a price difference is the closure system, but surprisingly, Inzer chose to sell all three at the exact same price. 

The conclusion? Inzer decided that the closure system is not such an important aspect when it comes to the price of a belt. Of course, things may not be the same for all brands.